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Cooking authentic greek moussaka

This recipe came from a neighbor of mine. When they heard of the world challange I was doing they offered me this recipe. A greek family ofcource. This is a favorite of theirs! Time Does not include Prep work.

Moussaka (or Moussakás as it is pronounced in Greek)needs no introduction as it is now considered one of Greece's national dishes and is probably, by and large, initially responsible for making Greek cooking so popular. This recipe, however, will make you

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Just got back from a trip to Greece! I thought I knew what Greek salad was until I ordered one and got this concoction devoid of lettuce... haha. But it turned out to be my absolute favorite dish there and I ordered it many times. The key is to have the ve

This recipe was taken word for word from the Food 911 recipe. I saw this on Tyler Florence's show and tried it with my husband as a lower carb meal. It was so good we made it two more times very soon after. We use grated parmesan in place of the bread crum

This is an authentic Greek/med salad that will make Greek or Israeli friends applaud. Trust me they all go crazy for this recipe and you can't get it this good in any Greek or Israeli restaurant I've found in the states.

This is my mom's recipe :-D Ground lamb is my choice but it's ok to substitute ground beef. I don't like potatoes in my moussaka so I leave them out all together, and it cuts down on overall time I have to spend in the kitchen. You can add them to your dis

Recipe courtesy Tyler Florence and JoAnn Cianciulli

Inspired by peacefulnightdove’s lovely & yummy looking photo today of “Easy Beef Gyros” by mama’s kitchen & because beef is so expensive here in Iceland, I went looking for the classic gyro using lamb cubes … only to find it hasn’t been entered here

I tweaked this recipe from one by Betty Gorondy Baird out of the "A Taste of Big Sandy" cookbook. This is affordable and the beans replace the eggplant in authentic recipes.

Recipe using Good Seasons Italian Seasoning Mix from the side of the box! Placed here for safe keeping. States this can be used as either a salad dressing or as a marinade for chicken or shrimp. NOTE: I usually sub a little of the oil for water and then ad

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