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Cooking lemon chiffon pie

Recipe courtesy Gale Gand and Elsie Grossman

A great summer dessert that will save on fat, sugar and guilt! I prefer to make the filling alone and have it as a light chiffon pudding in small glasses.

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"Light, fluffy lemon chiffon pie. This recipe is also good using lime juice. Garnish each slice with sweetened whipped cream."

This is a mile high fluffy yummy lemony and chocolaty pie. Very impressive. If you've never had chocolate and lemon together, you're missing out! My mother has been making this for years...the original recipe uses a regular pie crust and chocolate drizzles

"This pie is too easy and so luscious! You can substitute any flavor of gelatin that you prefer!!"

Recipe courtesy Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Desserts, Miramax Books, 2003.

A wonderfully creamy and zesty pie! One of my favorites. From better homes and gardens. Cook time doesn't include time needed for chilling.

this recipe is from sandra moses, co-owner of the harbor view restaurant in belfast, maine if you've never been to belfast, maine,"ya all come on up" a real nice town. i'm a cook that uses every thing in sight,so i use a number of bowls and wash dishes lat

This wonderful pie recipe comes from Kitchen to kitchen a feature in the Houston Chronicle. I saw the picture of this beautiful pie and made it right away.Pretty pale lemony filling sits beneath snowy white sweetened whipped cream--and its so easy to make!

I have been thinking about trying lemon flavor in coffee for a long time and finally tried it this morning. It Works! This coffee really does have a pie-ness to it. For this to work and taste lovely you need the sweetening and creamer. You can use more swe

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