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"This is an old family recipe. My family loves it. It's quick and easy. Elbow macaroni and ground beef are combined in a tomatoey sauce. The kids will eat this one!"

This is my mom's recipe for American Chop Suey. It always tastes so good when she makes it. Posted the recipe so I could find it easier.

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This is the American Chop Suey that I was served growing up. Mom says it was one of her old Girl Scout recipes. Maybe I've become too much of a gourmet because if you ask me...about the only time I would think this was fabulous now is if I was camping, wor

When I was little my mom made this recipe a lot. It was during World War II and it was very inexpensive to prepare. I loved it. I guess you would call it a comfort food for me as I was always so happy when I asked, "What's for supper" and Ma answered, "Cho

A nice comfort food, very satisfying. Hope you like it.

Chinese viceroy Li Hung Chang, visiting San Francisco's Palace Hotel in the 1890s, requested vegetables with a bit of meat "job suey," or "in...

"This is a great and easy one pot dish that you can guarantee everyone will love!"

This was my mother's recipe that she cut from a magazine back in the sixties. It always made any meal special. I enjoy freshly ground black pepper on this salad. Veggie amounts can vary according to availability and personal tastes. Prep time varies. I gue

Recipe courtesy Portia Stanke

A recipe I've had for so long, I don't remember where I got it. Really easy fake Chinese food.

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