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Also good with other kinds of fish. Try Tilapia or Orange Roughy, or even catfish fillets.

I don't like fish very much. That is why it is so surprising that I adore real Boston Baked Scrod. Now I do not mean a rubbery piece of fish topped by a pile of soggy bread crumbs on top - yuck! I mean a flaky, tender piece of white fish with a buttery & l

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I don't know where I got this recipe that I've been using for years but it is definitely a man pleaser! I think that a ham bone gives the best flavour but will use an 8 oz piece of salt pork when necessary.

Recipe courtesy Paul Mayotte

These, of course, are the ultimate Boston Baked Beans! Please take into account they need to soak overnight. You will need a 2 1/2-quart bean pot or covered casserole. Recipe By: Durgin-Park Restaurant, Boston, MA

From Australian Super Food Ideas May 2007. Low GI, great breakfast or brunch or light supper. They recommend to make a double batch and freeze for later use eg as jacket potato topping. 9th November 2008 UPDATE made this today and have made changes to timi

Lentils are so versatile!

Usually, IÂ’m not a big fan of fish, but this is something I actually crave. Its flavors come together in a wonderful way.

Real Boston Baked Beans are made with navy or pea beans and a hunk of salt pork. If you have a slow cooker/crockpot, you could use that. Adjust the time for using them. You can also use all of one kind of brown sugar if it's all you have. Please DO NOT add

From an easy recipe card from the fish counter. Boston Bluefish is considered an oily fish with a rich, strong flavor and less white meat. The fat is distributed throughout the flesh keeping it moist during cooking. FYI-If you've never had bluefish before,

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