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My mom got this recipe off a cake mix box and we have been making it for years. It is very adaptable, incredibly easy, and very rich.

Rita L has a cake mix cookie Cake Mix Christmas Cookies That I love and everyone should try it,so easy and soooo good.I just changed it a bit to make bars so I would not have to watch them.They turned out great a bit like cake brownies...Go look at the cak

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This recipe is so easy and good too (unfortunately, not diabetic, tho!) I love butterscotch (not as much as I love caramel, but it's close). When cake mixes go on sale, my family stocks up for quickies like this. They are also the base of some of our favor

Fruit jam that you probably have on hand makes the tasty filling in this easy-to-make layered bar.

A very quick recipe using just four ingredients!

From the MN Mom's Club Cookbook

Source: Betty Crocker NOTE: Cookie mix used is 1 pouch (1 lb 1.5 oz) Betty Crocker® peanut butter cookie mix

Easy cookie that utilizes a cake mix. It is nice to have the ingredients on hand for thse for when unexpected company pops over or you need a quick sweet treat. These are a softer cookie with a cake-like texture. Mix and match cake mix and frosting varieti

Source: Betty Crocker "Apricots, cream cheese and almond paste create the wow in rich and dreamy bars." Cooking time does not include cooling or refrigeration time.

Source: Betty Crocker "Layers of rich peanut butter cookie, peanut butter filling and chocolate frosting beg to be indulged in."

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