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Posted for Zaar World Tour 4. Although I have no personal knowledge, I have read that this is a truly Canadian recipe.

I grew up near several large producing maple sugar bushes in Canada and maple syrup was in many things my mother made. Butter tarts are a traditional Canadian treat, these include real maple syrup.

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This is a recipe for these yummy Canadian treats that I found in BBC Good Food Magazine.

This recipe has been past down from my Grandma to so many people. I have tasted many butter tarts, but these are definitely the best. Everyone who has ever tasted one has asked for the recipe. We make these every year at Christmas. Hope you enjoy these as

This was my Grandma's recipe and has been a family favorite for years. Every time she would make these we would practically inhale them. Now, I make them on all the holidays. My family absolutely raves about them. They get gobbled up so fast that I always

This tried and true recipe has been enjoyed by many. Hope you like it! Makes enough filling for 1 dozen 3-inch tarts or 2 dozen 2-inch tarts. Recipe may be doubled, tripled, etc.

This recipe is from the 1987 version of the Canadian Living Cookbook. It's the best peanut butter cookie recipe, imo, I always use this one. The original does not call for the M&Ms, but it's my favourite thing to add! If you are going to triple or more the

This is Chef Wesley Edwards's original, runny butter tart recipe. Use a nonstick muffin tin for ease of removal, otherwise butter the tins. Freezing butter tarts for 5 minutes after cooling makes removal from the tins easier. A Canadian tradition at it's b

You can use pie crust mix or prepare your own for these Yummy tarts! A special treat for the Xmas cookie tray.

This is an excellent recipe for Butter Tarts that I got out of a Canadian Living magazine many years ago. It is the best. The paper it is on is getting tattered and worn now so I thought I better post it here before it is too late. You can't get more Canad

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