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Another SainsburyÂ’s recipe from Jamie OliverÂ’s website. Low calorie and low fat, simple to make, nutritious and delicious. IÂ’m still not sure why Jamie Oliver has SainsburyÂ’s recipes on his website, but thatÂ’s where I found it.

"This recipe comes from my Grandma Schlientz. Anytime there are ripe bananas around our house, it's Banana Nut Brownie time! People are always surprised to learn there are bananas in the brownies."

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This pie is SO good and so easy to make, and to make it even more simple purchase a ready-made vanilla wafer crust, or a graham cracker crust, or just make your own. I always make two of these as I end up by eating almost one myself, it is THAT good!

Another fun one the kids love found at Betty Crocker.com — great for parties with the kids or summer BBQ or potlucks!

This recipe is the love child of all the highest rated banana bread recipes on RecipeZaar and a few other resources! I love it.

A favorite during the holidays especially!

This is the way that mom fixes brownies all the time. It's so easy to throw together when you need a brownie fix! :0)

These came from severe PMS and no ingredients in the flat! They're really rich and chewy, and as a bonus are vegan and fat free . They're best kept in the fridge.

Easy and yummy pie that goes together quickly. You can use a chocolate crumb crust rather than a shortbread if you like. Both are tasty. Cooking time is actually chilling time.

Chocolate chips and nuts add richness to an ordinary package of brownie mix. I made this for a potluck today with success.

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