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These are wonderful cookies and I have fond memories of making them with her and sharing a cup of tea.

With morsels of semisweet chocolate nestled in rich butter cookie dough, these drop-and-bake cookies have become a longtime favorite.

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Don't let the dates turn you off from this recipe; you can't even tell that they are the main ingredient. My grandma made these cookies every year for the Christmas holidays, and I always looked forward to them more than her sugar cookies.

I hate using my oven...but sometimes I need to make cookies so I was very excited when I found this recipe. I haven't tried it...yet, but plan on making them very soon!

I think this is one of the first things I ever cooked! I make this in my electric frying pan, but you can do it stovetop if you have a big enough covered frying pan. Since it's made with egg noodles, it's not a traditional style lasagna, but it is much eas

Use sugar cookies as ready-made crusts for these blueberry-studded miniature cheesecakes.

Quick, easy bar cookies. Common on hand ingredients, mix together in no time. I make these several times a week. Sometimes I double the chips or use different kinds of chips, they come out delightful every time.

These cookies boast a bright, zesty filling and spicy aroma. They make a large batch and are extremely convenient, since you can make the logs of cookie dough ahead, then pull them out of the freezer and slice and bake as many cookies as you need.

Can cookies this elegant be low-calorie too? Yes they can. Such magic is the result of applesauce displacing some of the fat.

A cookie pizza becomes a spooky cemetery when decorated with cookie tombstones, candy eyes, and jelly worms.

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