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This is better than the mix you get at the store. The best part is it makes just enough for the recipe you're making so you don't have to keep a container of spices that you forget to use or wonder what you made for. Recipe from cooks.com.

This is the best! I will never buy those salt filled, artificial filler laden mixes again. The other great thing is that you can make this basic recipe and then decide how spicy you want it to be for the next batch. It is very easy to tailor the spice to y

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I have found a lot of taco seasonings that use most of these ingredients, but by experimentation I like this recipe myself. However, try it first making a very small batch first. You may or may not agree with the proportions or ratio of spices in this. I l

Keep this on hand! It's convenient, and economical.

This recipe is perfect for seasoning 1 lb of ground beef, or the equivalent of 1 lb of vegetarian "ground beef" I prefer this to the packages the sell at the supermarkets which often contain too much sodium. This mixture is also nice mixed with 16 oz of so

Easy make your own taco seasoning.

From Robbie's Recipes, Taco Bell clone recipe.

My s-i-l makes the best tacos. She makes her own seasoning, never buys it in a store bought mix. She always did it by sight but she took the time to figure out the measurements so others can enjoy it too.

Recipe courtesy Paula Deen

Move over Emeril!... you will never purchase Creole or Cajun seasoning again once you taste this one --- I have searched for the longest time to find the best seasoning blend, this is it! --- four tablespoons of seasoned salt will not be overly-salty if yo

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