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"Very easy to make Chinese style Egg Tart, you can put the leftovers in the refrigerator for later use for up to 3 days. You can reduce the sugar used on the crust and the filling to fit your taste, this recipe is lightly sweetened. If you want to you, ca

Adapted from a recipe by wildcat at allrecipes.com. Very common in dim sum restaurants as a dessert. Original author's note: "Very easy to make Chinese style Egg Tart, you can put the leftovers in the refrigerator for later use for up to 3 days. You can re

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Similar to a Little Debbies Swiss Roll except no chocolate. This untried recipe comes from Hong Kong and has a filling of whipped creme. You could also line your favourite fruit in the middle of the roll.

Recipe courtesy Tyler Florence

This recipe has been in my family for the last 17 years. Believe me when i say, this is the best, tastiest chicken you will ever try. Its so healthy and smells yummy your next door neighbor will come knocking to your door step!

I had these pretty much everyday in Hong Kong. And not just once a day, but whenever I could! These are very common street snacks, and once you try them, I'm sure they will become part of your routine also! Hong Kong waffles are larger than standard Americ

"I love egg tarts!!!! Yummy ..."

From the Carnival Creations cookbook by Cyrus Marfatia (Exec Chef of Carnival Cruise Lines) comes this recipe described in the intro as a "Stir-fry favorite that requires just a bit of chopping plus quick wok cooking to provide a complete meal". (Time was

Very easy and tasty oven cooked ribs. It's too cold to grill in winter, so I will do these everytime.

"This is my favorite recipe for egg salad because it uses little mayonnaise and plenty of dill."

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