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"Delicious country-style creamed corn casserole, a family favorite!"

Recipe courtesy Emeril Lagasse, 2001

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Leaving the husks on while microwaving ensures a very tender steamed corn, you might not even want butter or salt after tasting this corn! --- don't worry the silks will fall right off after cooking! For each ear increase microwaving time 3 minutes. Cookin

This is a variation of Alton Brown's microwave popcorn recipe. You will need a brown paper lunch bag, a stapler, two staples from said stapler, and the cajones to do something you have been told to never do. Put metal in the microwave box of death! I promi

"In Grovetown, Georgia, Shawna Hull dresses up canned corn with cream of mushroom soup and sour cream for this speedy baked side. With a savory cracker coating, the recipe makes a big pan, so it's perfect for a potluck or larger gathering."

I found this in a Food Ideas magazine, and clipped it out for keeping. I have only just got around to making it and this is now my favourite way to cook corn. The family loved it and the mustard and honey is just delicous! I have also made corn and instead

I have inherited my grandma's recipe box.... I have been going through and reviewing them and decided to begin sharing them with you all... Some of these were passed to her from her mother, and some she had cut out of magazines or newspapers and placed in

"THE ADDITION of carrots and green pepper makes this a colorful dish, which also grabs attention at a potluck. (For these occasions, I double the recipe). This casserole is also great when you need to prepare a dish ahead of time. All you need to do is ba

I love this stuff....another one of South Texas best recipes. I'd like to hear if anyone else is from Texas....ain't it a great place to live!!

Although there are a number of other scalloped corn recipes on Zaar, none are just like this one. This recipe is super easy and quick and has fewer ingredients than the others. Only 4 ingredients in this version and only one dish to wash - you mix it up ri

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