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I had set out to make * Pamela * 's Our Family Favourite Crock Pot Chili (Oamc), only to discover after I had started that I didn't have quite the right ingredients. So I improvised and even dh loved it! It is very mildly spiced. You will need a larger cro

This recipe uses convenient frozen pinto beans, not dried. This crock pot chili can be thrown together in just a few minutes usually with items you already have on hand. The spice level can be adjusted by varying the amount of jalapeno's or leaving them ou

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I believe this to be the tastiest, easiest, quickest-to-prepare chili there is!! For years I've played with chili recipies, trying to find or create the perfect one — and now I've found it. I often do half ground pork and half ground venison instead of b

I use this chili to top my favorite burger. I take a 1lb seasoned burger top it with two slices of American cheese, Fritos, and this thick chili all on a toasted Kaiser roll. Have paper towels handy!

This is a slightly sweet, yet pretty spicy chili that is sure to please even the non-vegetarian chili lover! I challenge anyone who says "EWWWW! Chocolate and Chili??" to try this! It is delicious! You can make it not so spicy by using cutting back chilies

Recipe source: Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker

I make this during football season (I double the recipe, but I have a 7-qt crock pot). I prefer my chili with cut up stew meat rather than ground beef. I partially freeze the meat for easier cutting. Don't freak about the crushed corn chips....they just ki

At first glance there are a lot of ingredients, but they are mostly items that you would have on hand, such as herbs and spices. Another yummy and healthy recipe from Gooseberry Patch. They have an interesting way to thicken the chili before serving. Check

This is my remake of a standard chili recipe.

Dh loved this non-traditional chili which I adapted from the original recipe in The Healthy Slow Cooker

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