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An extra easy no-bake dessert for any occasion. My friend gave me this recipe that she has been using for years. Whenever there's a party, she whips up one or two of these and guarantees no leftovers. I made it and FELL IN LOVE so I thought I'd share it wi

If you're in the mood for something really rich and sweet, look no further.

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This is a dangerous cake to have around, it's so delicious! for the members that live in Canada and cannot get heath bars use Hershey's Skor toffee pieces, sold in a 200 gram package. This cake has a sweet crunchy topping and is really easy to make. This c

A traditionally popular dessert even served plain, this recipe offers five variations that make a classic, simple recipe exciting every time.

Cooking the sugar until it's a deep brown color--almost "burnt"--creates a caramelized flavor that enhances this special occasion dessert. An equally enticing cream cheese frosting is topped with candy bar chunks.

For those of you who do the best you can everyday to take care of your families, and yourself. Enjoy!

Heath bars are my favorite candy bars. These cookies are easy to prepare and have Heath bars in them.YUM!

This is a tender, moist cake with a caramel topping, use caramel chips, or minced up toffee bars, such a Heath bars. If you reside in Canada and cannot find Heath bars, then one whole Crispy Crunch bar will do. If you want more topping double all topping i

It doesn't get any easier than these. Kids love these!

For a moist, delicious dessert, try this chocolate cake recipe that makes a sensational presentation drizzled with chocolate buttercream frosting.

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