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These stuffing balls are always on my holiday menu, but they're great anytime. They save time and stress and can be frozen for later use.

This may easily be doubled and I suggest that you do so, your guests will be devouring these instead of the turkey or roast! If you like lots of sage flavor then you might want to add in some dried sage to the stuffing mixture --- plan ahead the mixture mu

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Kinda silly, but good recipe for left over stuffing

Stuffing balls are an interesting departure from the traditional Thanksgiving or Christmas side dish. These balls are delicious and don't take long to make or bake.

In Large Mixing Bowl Combine ALL Ingred.well shape into Bite Size Balls Place in a single layer on baking sheet and Freeze. When ready to serve Preheat Oven to 350oF Place Spinach Balls onto an Ungreased Baking Sheet. DO NOT THAW Bake in Center of the Oven

This is my husband's grandma's recipe. We make them every Thanksgiving & Christmas. Sometimes we make a small amount for whenever because we both crave them.

This is an heirloom recipe made by many members of my family. It can be made ahead of the holidays and the balls frozen. One less job at the end. We always formed the stuffing into balls so they were easy to serve individually, easy to grab a cold stuffing

For Thanksgiving 2008, my mother in law had a total knee replacement so would be unable to make stuffing balls this year. When I asked for her recipe, she said "Don't ask me that, I don't have it written down." I just mix it up. So, I did some research and

Recipe courtesy Paula Deen

Recipe courtesy Barbara Platoni

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