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This is so yummy, easy to do, and looks great bagged up in individual size bags.

A yummy snack mix that I created for my husband because I couldn't find a mix that did not use corn syrup. This makes a smaller batch than most snack mixes out there.

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This is a little different than the other snack mixes listed. Chocolate does not agree with my kiddies so I can't include M&M's in any of my mixes I don't miss them with this yummy concoction though.

Sweet and Salty Trail Mix. Family and friends will love getting this treat as a gift.

During the holidays, I try to keep snack mixes on hand. Instead of reaching for a cookie, I reach for a handful of mix. This is one I've been making a few years. I really like it!

"A basic sweet dough that can be used for bread, cinnamon rolls, crescent rolls, etc. I've had it ever since my home economics class in high school. It's a very simple and easy recipe that anyone can make."

"Sweet, salty and chocolaty are a great combination to have with Granny Smith Apples. Try these treats at your next Fall gathering."

It's easy to toss together for a Halloween party or to package in individual bags for a fall bake sale.

Went to an alphabet pot luck tonight where everyone signed up to bring a dish that started with a particular letter of the alphabet. Of all the dishes (and there were lots of yummy ones), this was my favorite. I decided to name it after my friend's sweet d

"For a big crunch that kids will love, try this munchable snack mix from Shirley Engstrom of Genoa, Nebraska. A light sweet coating makes this combination of popcorn, crispy cereal and salty peanuts hard to resist."

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