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"My mother's sweet zucchini relish is a family favorite. It's delicious on hamburgers and hot dogs."

Delicious! Once you've tried this, you won't be buying pickle relish anymore!

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I found this recipe in the local Newspaper when I lived in California. I entered it in the local fair...and won First Place!! We use this relish as you would a pickle relish...in fact we prefer it over pickle relish!

My DD got this from a lady in Illinois- the best relish made with zucchini I ever tasted. Cheap to prepare.

This mighty relish is one that I grew up with. This was originally a green tomato relish recipe, but one year my mom found herself with a lack of green tomatoes and an excess of monster zucchini. So she adapted. Different than most relishes in that it cont

I'll be honest-I never tried this relish when my grandma served it because I wasn't too keen on the look of it. This year I "inherited" 15 zucchini and have been told I'll be "inheriting" more. Out of desperation, I decided to make a batch of her relish. I

This is the best relish I have ever had. I use my food processor to chop. This is another small batch recipe. So, try it and see if you like it too.

a good relish that can be used for anything - great on burgers!

Got this from a co-worker who got it from a friend of hers. This is the best zucchini relish I've ever had. We put it on white beans, hot dogs, in tuna salad, chicken salad, ham salad, and sometimes have it as a side dish. It is really good.

This is a sweet relish that is made from all the zucchini that people give you during the summer. I have been making this for a good many years. Once you make your own relish, you will never want to buy it. It calls for chopped veggies and I do chop them f

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