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"Savor a serving of this indulgent special-occasion dessert. One loaf makes enough for 12 servings."

One thing we Hill's know is Dessert ... this is another good example of that.

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Recipe courtesy Georgia Downard

an unusual, but very tasty dessert with three different layers. It can be served at home, or at a party.

"'Our daughter and her boyfriend are both on restricted diets, so they appreciate having this yummy dessert for birthdays and other gatherings,' relates Ronald Scorse of Snowflake, Arizona. 'We all enjoy it.'"

This classic Italian dessert has triple the chocolate for an intense flavor sensation. Purchased ladyfingers are the key to this quick recipe.

Would love to take credit for this great recipe, but it was actually found in Taste of Home New Cake Mix Creations cookbook. The dessert verges on 'decadent!' Preparation time does not include either the time for the cake to cool to room temperature or for

This was a big favorite in our house when I was growing up. My mom made it for all of our company during the winter time. It has the most delicious chocolate topping on top which just makes this dessert. You can experiment with different flavors of icecrea

These sinful brownies feature a cheesecake layer sandwiched between two rich chocolate layers. Bring these sweet bars to work for an office party.

This is from 'Donna Hay Simple Essentials - Chocolate' book and it is so wonderful. Easy, delicious and incredibly versatile. She calls it hot chocolate fudge sauce but I also use it to ice cupcakes when it is cold. Try it hot on vanilla ice cream or choco

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